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Innovative Accents

Innovative Accents is at the forefront of modern sculpted 3d panel design, manufacture, surface finishing and installation processes.

Our decorative panels can be applied as full length mono-continuous feature walls or accent panels to add texture to an otherwise boring space.

Innovative Accents decorative panels are engineered for rapid installation, repair and finishing using common wood working tools, materials and techniques.

3D Wall Tiles and Sign from Innovative Accents

Accent Panels and Signs

Accent wall panels and signs from Innovative Accents enhance the look and feel of any room.


Transform A Space:
We can work with you to transform any room. An accent wall or innovative sign immediately draws the eye, serves as a focal point and allows you to highlight an architectural feature or reinforce your brand.


Add Depth, Dimension, Color and Contrast:
Innovative textures and materials from Innovative accents add depth and dimension, making the space feel more dynamic and interesting. Bold colors or contrasting shades on an accent wall can break the monotony adding visual interest and vibrancy to the room.

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Flexible Design:
Innovative Accents offers flexibility in design. Using advanced CNC routing technology we can create precision wall panels and signs to match your vision.

Why Innovative Accents?


Complete Customization:

You can create bespoke signs and panels that perfectly match your branding, including unique shapes, logos, and fonts to set you apart.


Precision and Detail:

Our CNC routing allows for high precision and intricate detailing that is difficult to achieve with traditional methods so you can include complex designs, fine lines, and detailed patterns with accuracy.


High-Quality Manufacturing:

Proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona, all products are designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and supporting American craftsmanship.

Let's get started...

Contact us today by phone at (602) 999-5406 or email [email protected] to get started.

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Our Clients Successes with Innovative Accents

Been doing business with them for years, quality parts, quality guys

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Firebird Fiber Glass
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